Lumerian Quartz & Bismuth Crystal Amulet

Lumerian Quartz & Bismuth Crystal Amulet


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This Lumerian Crystal with Bismuth Wrap is strikingly stylish as well as practical to have with you a beacon of positive energy and clearing.

Lumerian Quartz Crystal is great for clearing and grounding, especially from past relationships you are trying to leave behind, as the Bismuth helps you attract the positive. 

Wrapped with Gold plated copper wire for extra conductivity.

The high quality metal chain used will not rust or die the skin.

Chain length: 20 Inches

Amulet width & length: 1 Inch x 2 1/2 Inches


Please allow 1 to 2 weeks delivery in the U.S. 

For delivery over seas please email: 


30% of proceeds go towards funding a Holistic Healing Arts & Sciences Center in NYC and online with the mission to support our community by making Meditation classes and the healing arts and tools available to everyone on a sliding scale! Together we can make this world more healthy and feel Loved one step at a time! 

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