The vision was to create a couture/ ready to wear collection that reflects our times as well as honor our past, combining old world craftsmanship with a post modern aesthetic!

CHATEAU DE LION is about freedom of movement with durable functionality with style that fits the demands of our weather challenges that is due to Global Warming. 

Designer/Founder Yuki Tanaka believes keeping up the traditions of quality and construction only found in Couture. Yuki creates & designs each prototype by hand from sketch to finish!

Much intention and care is put forth on sourcing materials and the production process to be sustainable!


Artist/ Fashion Designer Yuki Tanaka has studied Fashion Design at Parson's School of Design in New York and has worked professionally as a Fashion Designer & as a Fashion Stylist for music videos aired on MTV, commercials & private clients in Miami, New York, & San Francisco. Yuki was  a couturier/stylist on the John Legend Evolver Tour.

Yuki's work has also been exhibited in Miami's Wynwood Art District & various gallery shows in New York including The National Arts Club and Collective Hardware.

Yuki believes in keeping up the tradition and quality in garment construction only found in couture and creates & designs each prototype by hand from sketch to finish and takes great care in sourcing quality fabrics and materials from around the world. Most of the leather and furs used are vegan synthetic fibers of the highest quality that gives you the warmth, look, and weather durability found in fur & leather while being more sustainable! Any Leather that is real is reclaimed and re-purposed from being left to abandonment.

Also, most of the styles are available in both women's and men's sizes so that everyone can wear what they wish!

Everything is tailor-made with LOVE!


Thank you for your Support!