The vision was to create a couture/ ready to wear collection that reflects our times as well as honor our past by combining old world craftsmanship with a postmodern aesthetic. 


Focusing on Redefining Everyday wear, Couture handmade garments , jewelry & accessories that are functional and elegantly designed with precision!


Each prototype is Designed and Made by hand from sketch to finish. Great care is taken with sourcing quality materials & production to be done ethically and sustainably. Everything is sourced & made locally in the USA. Made in Los Angeles and NYC.


Our team of tailors and creators have combined experience of over 60 yrs in the business of making high quality pieces that last the rest of time. 

All of the leather and furs used are vegan synthetic fibers of the highest quality that gives you the warmth, look, and weather durability found in fur & leather while being more sustainable!


We will use reclaimed Leather when it is available ! 


The intention is to create quality signature pieces with high vibrations that stand the test of time while creating a sustainable and ethical business that re-invests into the wellbeing of our greater community.


Thank you for your Support & LIVE Fearlessly in Pursuit of Magic!