The vision was to create a couture/ ready to wear collection that reflects our times as well as honor our past, combining old world craftsmanship with a post modern aesthetic! Focusing on Redefining Everyday wear, Couture hand made garments & accessories.
Each Design and prototype is made by hand from sketch to finish. Great care is  taken with sourcing quality materials & production to be done ethically and sustainably. Everything is made locally in NYC. Our factories we work with are family owned, been the backbone of the fashion industry for 60 years or more and employ a grand spectrum of minorities and single mothers. Our factories also care about sustainable and ethical production and business structure by taking care in the production process and taking care of their employees.
All of the leather and furs used are vegan synthetic fibers of the highest quality that gives you the warmth, look, and weather durability found in fur & leather while being more sustainable!
Thank you for your Support & LIVE Fearlessly in Pursuit of Magic!