Citrine Point Crystal Amulet Necklace
Citrine Point Crystal Amulet Necklace
Citrine Point Crystal Amulet Necklace

Citrine Point Crystal Amulet Necklace


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Made with high quality double terminated Citrine point crystal, Sterling silver or 14K Gold wire and shield.

I bring you a powerful Amulet that not only is stylish but also brings higher positive vibrations of love and positivity to you while clearing any negative energy!

Citrine never needs to be cleansed for it cleanses other crystals, but leaving it in the sunlight or moonlight once in a while won't hurt at all. 

Citrine attracts an abundance and personal power. It stimulates the body's own healing energies. It is good for helping to elevate self-esteem and is good for centering. citrine cannot hold negative vibes. Citrine is great to use to align your sacral chakra!

The chain is a high quality - non tarnish metal to mimic real gold or silver to match. If you would like a real Gold or Silver chain one can be custom ordered.

21" Chain /Chain Length can be customized per order. Please make a note at check out.

Amulet Dimensions: 2.5" x 1"


30% of proceeds go towards funding a Holistic Healing Arts & Sciences Center in NYC and online with the mission to support our community by making Meditation classes and the healing arts and tools available to everyone on a sliding scale! Together we can make this world more healthy and feel Loved one step at a time! 

Learn more about Sahasra Sukha center for healing arts: 

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